Velocity Conference 2009

Velocity, the Web Performance and Operations Conference 2009

Last year’s Velocity Conference was fantastic! More than 600 folks attended, from all corners of the Web Performance and Operations community. It was the epicenter of knowledge for making things faster and more reliable on the Web.

This year’s conference program looks even better. I’ll be attending and presenting again this year. If you’re a performance or operations geek, and looking for like-minded individuals, you need to be there.

Pssst. Use this top-secret code during registration to receive a 15% discount: vel09cmb. But you didn’t get it from me. 😉

Apdex – An In Depth Analysis

I first learned of Apdex at CMG 2006 and led a pilot project within my company to understand how we might use it. I presented my experience at CMG 2007. At that conference, I ran into an acquaintance, Neil Gunther, who had begun working with Apdex and alternate visualization techniques.

Neil has now published one of the most comprehensive discussions I’ve seen on Apdex: The Apdex Index Revealed.

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Quantifying The Impact Of Poor Performance

Your Web site experienced an outage or degradation of some kind – an installation gone wrong, a server crash, a network problem, etc. How do you quantify the impact of that event?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to assign a dollar value to an outage? That can go a long way to help build a business case for more servers, new switches, better QA procedures, etc. to reduce the likelihood of future outages.

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