Velocity Conference Wrap-up

Again this year, the Velocity Conference was a huge success. Exceeding last year’s attendance, more than 700 people came together in San Jose to geek out on Web Operations and Performance.

A focus this year was the impact of Web site performance on business metrics, such as revenue – putting some teeth into why performance matters.

There were several fantastic presentations from Google, Microsoft, and others. Steve, Brady, Nicole, and Dave have blogged about these results in detail (including links to the original presentations, and a few videos), so I won’t re-invent the wheel.

My presentations on AOL PageTest (slides, video), and on Ad Performance (slides, video) were both well received.

For even more Velocity info, I put together a review of my favorite conference sessions, with links to all the slides and videos.

If you work in the world of Web Operations, make plans now to attend Velocity 2010!